Composer lived: 1833 - 1866

Demersseman was born in Hondschoote, Département Nord, France, near the Belgian border. At 11, he was a student of Jean-Louis Tulou at the Conservatoire de Paris. He won the first prize there at the age of twelve and quickly became famous as a virtuoso. However, he was not considered for a professorship, since he, influenced by his teacher, did not favor the modern type of transverse flute designed by Theobald Böhm which had been introduced into France in the meantime. Demersseman was only 33 when he died in Paris, presumably from tuberculosis.

Composition Short Description Composer Price
Cavatine, Deuzième Solo

Jules Auguste Demersseman (1833–1866) was a French flautist and composer


Demersseman, Jules