Pavane - Soprano and Clarinet Choir / Fauré, Gabriel

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The Pavane by Fauré is considered one of the most beautiful compositions of his oeuvre. Later he wrote a version for orchestra and choir on a text by Robert de Montesquiou.

The lyrics, which are optional in the orchestral version, were written by the French.

Original Version C'est Lindor, c'est Tircis et c'est tous nos vainqueurs
C'est Myrtille, c'est Lydé! Les reines de nos coeurs
Comme ils sont provocants! Comme ils sont fiers toujours
Comme on ose régner sur nos sorts et nos jours

Faites attention! Observez la mesure

Ô la mortelle injure! La cadence est moins lente
Et la chute plus sûre! Nous rabattrons bien leur caquets
Nous serons bientôt leurs laquais
Qu'ils sont laids Chers minois
Qu'ils sont fols (Airs coquets)

Et c'est toujours de même, et c'est ainsi toujours
On s'adore! On se hait! On maudit ses amours
Adieu Myrtille, Eglé, Chloé, démons moqueurs
Adieu donc et bons jours aux tyrans de nos coeurs
Et bons jours

English Translation It is Lindor, it is Tircis, and it is all our victors
It is Myrtille, it is Lyde! The queens of our hearts.
As they are defying! As they are always proud
As we dare rule our fates and our days

Pay attention! Observe the measure

Oh mortal insult! The cadence is less slow
And the fall more certain! We'll make them sing a different tune
We will soon be their running dogs
They are ugly! Dear little face
They are madmen (Quaint airs and tunes)

And it is always the same, and so forever
We love! We hate ! We curse our loves
Farewell Myrtille, Egle, Chloe, mocking demons
Farewell and good day to the tyrants of our hearts

And a good day

Instrumentation clarinet choir with voice
Instrumentation (details) Eb cl, Bb cl 1, 2, 3, 4, alto cl, bass cl, (contralto cl), cbass cl
Instrumentation Grade 3 - Difficult
Vocal/choir soprano
Vocal/choir grade 3 - Difficult
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